Welcome to the Whitstable Karate Kai; we are a friendly and welcoming dojo with the Asian idea of family. The Dojo focuses on helping all the students to grow as individuals by developing self respect, respect for others, perseverance, patients and resilience when facing challenges.

Karate has given so much and continues to do so, for the dojo's founders; they wanted to provide opportunities for others to gain the same experiences. This led to the dojo doors opening in June 2002.

The Dojo teaches Okinawan Karate opposed to Japanese Karate, with a focus on studying Kata, within the Kata are the principles and concepts for practical self-defence, which are tested in two person exercises both yakusoku (prearranged) Jiyu (free form) Kumite, along with many partnered exercises to support Kumite practice.

The core Kata studied by Yudansha (students with Dan grades i.e. black belts) are those found within Naha-te Ryu-ha, specifically those of Goju Ryu. While Mudansha (students without Dan grades) focus their studies on kata from the Shuri-te Ryu-ha.

In keeping with the teachings of the old masters on Okinawa, the Whitstable Karate Kai also teach the weapons that compliment the unarmed aspects of Karate.  In 2014 Ryu Kyu Kobu jutsu (weapons of Okinawa) was formally introduced to the Dojo. These classes are open to all students over the age of 14 of the Whitstable Karate Kai and students from other Dojo's.

In 2014 formal teaching of Iaido was offered, initially teaching Toyama Ryu - Morinaga ha and Yamaguchi ha batto do (the use of the Japanese sword), in 2017 Muso Jukiden Eishin Ryu Iaido was added to the curriculum, after permission was given by Shimojo sensei to teach. The mind set required for Iaido is the same as that required for studying Karate and offer further options for students to develop.

To complement the sword arts of Japan, in 2018 instruction in Aiki Jujutsu was introduced, the roots of the Aikijujutsu taught has its roots in Hakko Ryu and KoKoDo Aiki jujutsu.


If you are interested in training or would like more information please contact the Dojo via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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